About Us

RedBridge is a customer-oriented organization focused on building its business through its strong trusted relationship platform with clients and partners. Our customer-centric approach is built on pillars of collaboration, coordination and communication. We are people-driven and technology-enabled.

Event Notice

Origina’s Empower 2023—Year of the Healthy Skeptic is a dynamic event for CIOs and IT stakeholders who are navigating the uncertain global economic landscape through strategic decisions. With a focus on strategic IT roadmap planning, budget optimization, cybersecurity, digital initiatives, and the right to repair, this event offers valuable insights to empower IT stakeholders to make informed decisions that drive positive change in their organizations.

Join Origina as we explore the concept of being a “healthy skeptic” in the context of IT leadership, equipping you with critical thinking skills to effectively address challenges and seize opportunities.

Session 1 | Whose Roadmap Is It
Gain practical strategies for taking control of your IT roadmap, ensuring alignment with your organization’s goals and priorities.

Session 2 | Save to Invest
Discover proven techniques to free up your budget for strategic investments, maximizing the value and optimal allocation of your IT resources.

Session 3 | Are You Really Secure
Make good decisions to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and compliance requirements through valuable insights.

Session 4 | Go Digital
Explore innovative ways to push your digital initiatives forward while optimizing costs without compromising on quality.

Session 5 | It’s Your Right to Repair
Delve into the importance of technology ownership and maintenance as we discuss the right to repair and its implications for IT stakeholders.

Empower 2023 offers a unique platform to network with industry experts and fellow IT stakeholders and gain valuable insights to enhance your leadership skills and drive positive outcomes for your organization. Join us to exchange ideas, share best practices, and empower your IT strategies in the Year of the Healthy Skeptic. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving IT landscape and lead your organization with confidence.

RedBridge offers applications that are unique, niche and applicable to market requirements. Our global relationships have allowed us to bring in some unique offerings, which are applicable to all aspects of our core areas of data and cyber security.