What is HR for I.T?

HR for IT is a business tool that bridges the gap between employer and employee by providing productivity data to assist with the wellness of the employers best asset, their employees. It is a single system that gives you all the information and data you require to effectively manager your employees’ activities and productivity and ensure that potential overflow into what would be considered ‘downtime’ is curbed.

Key Benefits

Automated Time Tracking
Smart Keyword Tracking
Manage Remote Staff
Managing Reporting
Comprehensive Reporting
Red Flags

How Does It Work?

HR for IT is a small agent that is installed on the Asset (PC or Notebook) that collects User Data and is displayed on a Secure Web Dashboard. The Productivity is Calculated by the Active Window Time per application and is processed. Even when the user is offline the agent will collect data and sync to a Cloud Server once connected to the internet


KPI Measuring tool

Staff Wellness vs Productivity

Time and Attendance Tracking

Disciplinary process improvements

Reporting of Activity and Productivity

Dashboard Display of Activity of Users

Virtual Manager of Staff Using IT Devices

Staff Activity Tracker – Logging of Staff activities / Processes