What is BlackFog?

Founded in 2015, BlackFog was born to combat the growing number of online threats targeting your personal and corporate data. Hackers will get into your network; BlackFog stops them getting out. Through a layered approach to security, BlackFog spots, in real-time, when an attacker is trying to remove unauthorized data from your device / network and stops them in their tracks. Consisting of multiple layers of defence against ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection and profiling, BlackFog blocks over 24 million threats across mobile and desktop endpoints around the world, protecting organizations’ data and privacy, and strengthening their GDPR compliance.


Privacy Protection
Ransomware Prevention
Breach Prevention

Key Benefits

On Device Data Privacy

Mitigate the risk of data loss
through geofencing

Minimize data collection on every

Prevent unauthorized data
collection and profiling

On Device Data Security

Prevent data loss using
behavioural analytics

Reduce the surface area
exposed to attackers

Access detailed reporting and
analysis of threat vectors

Enterprise Console

Monitor each department and
filter events and devices in the
master view

Analytics provide detailed impact
assessments across all your
networks and devices


Windows 7+
Android 5.0+
iOS 10.3+
MacOS 10.11.5+

Why BlackFog for POPI?

Prevents ransomware, malware,
spyware and phishing

Prevents cyberattacks across all

Blocks the unauthorized
collection and transmission of
customer data from every device
on and off the network

On device privacy protection
ensures your corporate and
customer data is secure

Prevents data breaches, data
loss and insider threats

Monitors data exfiltration in real
time to ensure no unauthorized
data leaves the network

Mitigates reputational damage
and improves customer trust

Detailed compliance reporting
for regulators and information