What is NetTrace?

NetTrace (Pty) Ltd has been a recognised leader in asset lifecycle tracking and management. We provide trusted asset inventory data – reliably and cost-effectively – through innovation, automation, and persistent technology on a global scale.

NetTrace has always sought to offer needs-based solutions, actively choosing to develop a standalone asset management suite that’s fit-for-purpose as opposed to made-to-fit. That said, NetTrace look beyond the asset management landscape to immerse ourselves in their clients’ environments – particularly how their technology and business needs to inform and shape the intelligence and functionality required.

Staying attuned to their customers allows them to anticipate needs as they evolve and respond accordingly. Through continuous product development, supported by training and consulting services we provide sustainable and relevant solutions. NetTrace then go on to serve these with honesty and integrity.

Key Benefits

No More Silos

NetTrace breaks down silos within your business to create a single, unified, and accurate view of assets and their deployment.

More Accurate

Create an accurate view of the quality of the related asset information currently in use within your organisation so that you can better manage risk and improve decision making.

Validated Information

NetTrace provides through smart integration with contractual, cost centre, and organisational data to deliver verifiable business intelligence that’s always ready for use.

Rich Reporting

Acquire precise views of your estate 24/7 through automatic and continuous asset and software tracking.

Completely Agnostic

Benefit from complete compatibility with IT hardware and software systems, plus integration with a multitude of other asset tracking systems.


Integrate with most leading IT asset tracking systems.

Track and secure endpoints with Absolute technology.

Mitigate the risk associated with dark endpoints.

Eliminate silos and improve visibility with Ivanti unified endpoint management.

Benefit from irremovable, tamper-resistant persistence technology.

Access automated asset information reporting built into hardware (firmware).

Locate, lock, or wipe suspect machines remotely negating access to sensitive data.

Acquire auditable forensic information assistance in relation to lost hardware.

Generate electronic audit certificates for data compliance management records.

The Asset Lifecycle

Maximise the value of physical assets within your organisation at every stage of the asset lifecycle Here’s how NetTrace can help you take your asset management beyond work orders, inventory controls, and equipment records to add real, measurable value at each stage of the asset management lifecycle: